TKO Extracts Northern Lights


We brought back this classic to add to our cold-ethanol extracted distillate vapes.  Premium terpenes are the only thing added to our distillate.  No other fillers, no  P/G, no V/G or dilutants.

No battery to buy.  We use CCell disposables that produce quality clouds with every hit.

Total THC:

Total Cannabinoids:


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Cannabis products are all over the states in the last few years. Right after the local Government has declared legality on marijuana products. People love to smoke top-notch products since cannabis is harmless and can play a crucial role in treating medical conditions. The young generation is a big fan of the cannabis psychedelic experience; TKO carts are one of the most famous cannabis cartridges that quickly fill a young fan’s demand. They like the freshness and deep flavors in the cannabis concentrate. The TKO brand’s premium authentic cannabis vape cart provides a superior psychedelic experience that you won’t find on other regular cartridges.

TKO Cannabis Vape Product

TKO vape carts have an authentic cannabis vape quality in them. The brand has a strict quality control guideline for maintaining the entire thing. The brand is committed to product consistency. TKO chemists are highly experienced in the cannabis distillation process. They mix cannabis and terpenes in a scientifically established amount so that you can feel high properly. Each of their batches contains the same chemical formula. The TKO vape cart oil has proven its safety and purity in lab tests recently.

The TKO creators also put the focus on high-quality automizer smoke generation. It shows the product’s perfectness. You won’t see thick smokes in cheap regular cannabis vapes, as you can see in the TKO vape carts.

The cannabis-infused thick golden bubbly and transparent cartridge oil attracts marijuana lovers. TKO cart automizers have the best durable power supply, which assures a long-lasting vaping experience. TKO Automizers are also made with industrial-grade ceramic filters, which are fit for bearing the temperature.

Recently unfit vape automizers have shown many uncertain accidents. TKO brands vape carts are made from the best parts; the brand claims for their automizer strength.

TKO Extracts

TKO extracts are collected from top-notch organic cannabis farms. These brands have their trusted budtenders who are very good at their job. The bud collectors play a crucial role in keeping the kush fresh. TKO believes in delivering the best to people, so they keep the weed flowers in freezers and distill them are freshly plucked.

TKO brands also add lovely flavors to their concentrates. The fruity taste completes the cannabis experience with sweetness. After getting high with cannabis, typically, your appetite for sweets will increase. The brand added floral essence with mild fruitiness in the cartridge oil.

TKO carts have four excellent flavor variants 

Such as Pineapple Express, Rich gelato, Northern Lights, Rose Gold. All of these flavors are premium quality vape carts.

  • Pineapple Express:This is infused with lovely pineapple essence; it has an 87% THC level of the Hybrid strain. The overall cannabis presence is 89.50%, which is very high. The cartridge is made with Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Alpha-Pinene terpenes.
  • Northern Lights: The legendary cold ethanol extracted; Northern Lights cannabis vape cartridge has 91.44% of cannabinoids levels.


TKO cannabis carts have multiple counterfeit copy cats in the market. It’s a lot safer to buy cannabis products from legit people. Here is a trusted online store where you can purchase TKO product safely. If you have your own trusted guys, you should get it from them.



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