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Growers and consumers alike love this aromatic strain for its easy to cultivate nature and the fantastically potent effects it has on the user. Like the yeti that roams the mountainsides, Snowcap is shrouded in mystery due to its sparsely documented genetic history. It’s commonly believed to be a hybrid of Humboldt Snow and an unknown Haze cut, though no one can be completely sure about this legend’s origins except for breeder Grand Daddy Purp.

With soaring THC levels between 21% and 24% and a whopping 4% CBD, this high is a cerebral rush paired beautifully with a full body unwind that can only be described as heavenly. This bud has a flavor palate that’s popular on the West Coast, mixing bright citrus flavors with minty, almost menthol like aromas. These nugs are large and olive toned with a full, fluffy coating of resinous white trichomes and a bright carpeting of orange hairs.

Snowcap offers an instant cerebral rush that ushers in joy and euphoria. The tingles that set in start in your head and work their way to your feet, getting you in a chatty, silly mood. After a few short minutes, you’ll feel that upbeat, giggly sensation making its way to your limbs, eventually relaxing your body into a super chill state. This legendary strain gets its reputation from the larger than life, energetic sativa high that gets you motivated without giving you the anxiety that sometimes comes with powerful buds.

Medicinal users love Snowcap for its ability to soothe and relieve pain with strong sedative properties. It’s also highly beneficial for those who suffer from mood disorders such as depression, stress, or bipolar disorder. Anxiety and PTSD can be greatly reduced because of the CBD content, but as it is a sativa, make sure to proceed with caution. The uplifting bursts of energy and happiness offer relief from even the most trying symptoms of fatigue, and the relatively hard come down will have you feeling completely relaxed, making it occasionally helpful with sleep disorders.

Snowcap is recommended for growers of all levels of expertise. As this is considered an easy strain, you’ll have a fun time trying your hand at it, especially if this is the first plant for you. With a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks and an above average yield, this is a highly pleasant strain whether you cultivate inside or outdoors. The curb appeal of this plant is definitely the big fluffy buds and the sweet and minty aromas, but it’s truly the high yields that bring it home for most. Be warned, however, as she is susceptible to dusty mildews and some fast-growing molds.

If you enjoy a soothing high that is somehow simultaneously full of life, Snowcap is a great choice. This bud offers stellar flavors, a nice energetic buzz, and an exceptional growing experience for anyone looking to try their hand at an aromatic beauty.

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