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About Raskal OG

Raskal OG is a unique, slightly Sativa-leaning hybrid strain of cannabis grown by the Cali Connection. This cannabis company first created the strain by crossing Fire Kush with a bit of SFV OG Kush. This daytime strain has a very consistent THC concentration which clocks in between 17-19% in every single harvest. Although these numbers are sometimes perceived as a bit low, the consistency and slight deviations ensures a consistent product grow after grow. It’s hard to pin down exactly how this strain will affect you, as it’s one of those odd hybrid strains with a lot of effects that aren’t always present. To some, Raskal OG could be the amping boost of energy you need to get through the day, for others, it could be a tool used to bring quiet relaxation. Even though this strain is often recommended for daytime use, some will find that Raskal OG is a good evening strain as well.

Raskal OG buds take on the physical characteristics of an Indica flower, as they are often incredibly tight and dense. These buds are often a combination of olive and forest greens with a bit of darker shades that are almost purple in color. These buds are almost always grown, harvested, and cured in the optimal conditions which ensures a quality product every single purchase. These buds almost always pass the “snap test” which is a common trick in the community that consumers use to test the quality of their bud. If the slightly sticky, malleable bud makes a loud snap when its broken apart, the bud has been prepared properly.

The effects of this bud are not only powerful, but powerful enough that they’ve garnered quite a reputation amongst the cannabis community. The cerebral, sativa aspects of the high are known to bolster mood, and boost creative energies. Users often consume Raskal OG during the daytime, utilizing its boost in focus and attention to accomplish a day’s worth of to-do’s in a few short hours. Those who find that hybrids affect them in the same way that Indicas do will experience a more lazy, sedated body high after consuming Raskal OG. Either way, the potent effects of this strain are sure to relieve your negative symptoms of chronic stress, pain, depression, headaches, and inflammations like arthritis.

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