Jilly Bean


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“This well-balanced hybrid originates at TGA Seeds and its main breeders Subcool and Mz. Jill, though this one is actually Mz. Jill’s work. As the story goes, one day Mz. Jill was gifted an Orange Skunk cut (of unknown origin, likely Aeric77’s Cali-O) with an uncanny orange flavor. Always searching for new and more delectable tastes they immediately thought of crossing the new cut with their potent Space Queen, whose cherry/mango flavors were already a big hit. Thus was born Jilly Bean. These colorful, hybrid flowers exhibit a perfect union of Indica/Sativa bud structure.

Sativa gracefulness combined with chunky, Indica density. The aroma and flavor of this strain is nothing short of spectacular. Lip smacking sweet/tart candy with citrus flavors ranging from tangerine and grapefruit to occasional hints of creamy cherry-mango. This “Jilly” leans a little more to the Sativa side in initial effects. A quick-hitting, cerebral punch to the brain is quickly enhanced with uplifting, serene Indica body effects. Cerebral, yet never paranoid, energetic with no anxiety, this hybrid is a creative bonus to most situations, social and otherwise. An ever-present relaxed body element adds a very nicely balanced dimension to this feel-good med. Jillybean’s major medical attributes include anti-anxiety, mood elevation, and appetite stimulation.”

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