Baked Bar Mango Gelato




Baked Bar Mango Gelato

Baked Bar Mango gelato is a full Indica cartridge created by crossbreeding it with KC33 and partially with Mango

This variant may function slowly at the beginning, but it will surprise us with its tremendous effect on the patient after a while.

It produces a fragrant scent like delicious mango.

Because of its lovely setting, such as flavor, scent, and of course the name, this specific medical cannabis cartridge may have sedative properties.

The Baked Bar Mango Gelato has been designed specifically for patients who are looking for a pleasant experience while getting high. We have carefully selected the best strains of medical cannabis to make sure that our customers receive the most effective dosage possible.

This product contains a CBD extract of the strain KC33, which gives it a unique taste. In addition, we added the strain Mango, which provides the same benefits as the original strain.

Our gelato has a THC level of approximately 15% – 20%, which makes it suitable for those who want to enjoy some relaxation without feeling too stoned.

We recommend this product to anyone who wants to relax and forget about his problems.


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