Baked Bar Blueberry Diesel




Baked Bar Blueberry Diesel

The Baked Bar Blueberry diesel cartridge is about to hit you right in the feels with its enticing tastes!

Indica dominant Blueberry and Sativa leaning NYC Diesel are married up in this delicious treat.

Blueberry gives some of its aromatic strength, while NYC Diesel supplies Blueberry with its pleasurable and uplifting effects.

This hybrid cannabis flower offers a long-lasting, pleasing high along with a sweet blueberry aroma.

A smooth, clean smoke provides a relaxing body buzz and a happy mental state.

This mix makes Blueberry Diesel a great choice for afternoon drinking.

It delivers a long-lasting, pleasant high together with its sweet blueberry taste. This is also a good option for morning tokes.

It also provides consumers with a euphoric, intelligent surge, along with a revving effervescent boost for a morning smoke.

The Blueberry Diesel CBD oil cartridge contains pure cannabidiol (CBD), derived from hemp, and it does not contain any psychoactive substances.

The Blueberry diesel CBD oil cartridge is perfect for those seeking relief from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and PTSD.


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