Baked Bar Strawberry Lemon Haze




Baked Bar Strawberry Lemon Haze

The Baked Bar Strawberry Lemon haze cartridge is your best bet! Even though the actual lineage of strawberry lemon haze is uncertain, it is believed to be crossed between lemon og and strawberry cough. As the globules are broken up and smoked, they emit a pleasant lemony scent with a touch of fresher, earthy berry flavor.

If you’re looking for something relaxing at home, the strawberry lemon haze high is thought to be one of the best options. A refreshing, uplifting sensation might be slightly alerting, but it can also make you feel fuzzy at times. As the euphoria wears off, you’ll feel a tingling sensation all over your body, but you’ll still be able to go on with your day.

Strawberry Lemon Haze is a hybrid strain that produces a fruity aroma with hints of citrus and sweet strawberry flavors. This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain contains approximately 40% CBD and 20% THC levels. Its effects are typically felt within 30 minutes and last anywhere from 2 – 4 hours. In addition to being great for pain relief, this strain is recommended for stress relief and relaxation.


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