Mechanical Mods

What is mech mod?

A mech mod is short for a mechanical mod. They can be found as mech mod kits or mech mod vapes, depending on if they are being sold as a complete package.

Mech mods are made of a housing unit that holds a battery and has an attachable atomizer, generally rebuildable drip atomizers (RDAs).

The battery is positioned to link with the top cap and the base cap. The mech mod is then operated with the push of a one fire button, typically placed on the bottom of the side.

With it comes down to it, vapers love mech mods for the experience and power that they can offer. Generally, mech mods are for advanced vapers as they can be complex and scary for new vapers.

Heavily sought after for the cloud cashers, mechanical mods can be additional divided into unregulated and regulated categories.

Who are mechanical mods for?

Because there is no regulation, no safeguards and no safety when using these mechanical mods, only advanced vapers with the following knowledge should use them.

  • Completely understand battery safety
  • The best understanding of Ohm’s Law
  • Completely understand battery drain
  • Be conversant in coil building
  • Have an ohm reader to test the resistance of your coils

Mechanical mods are generally linked with the more expert vaper and those who build their own coils. They are generally preferred and admired by vaping enthusiasts.

The engineering and styling of some of these mechanical mods can be pretty simple but in other cases can be really inspiring.

Also, in the early years of vaping, mechanical mods with an RBA was the just way of achieving top wattage vaping.

Best mechanical mods clones

There are real mech mods that are released by highly regarded companies, and there are the best mechanical mods clones versions of these mech mods.

The best mechanical mods Clones are mostly copies of mech mods that provide similar specs for a lower price. The issue with mechanical mods clones is that they do not tend to be safe as the real version, nor do they provide as many standard specs.

Due to this, it is best to stick to real mech mods where possible, budget permitting, definitely, this will make sure that safety is paramount and a better vaping experience will be had.

Why do people use mech mods starter kits?

Because best mech mods starter kids can provide you bigger, thicker vape clouds and excellent flavour delivery than other vape gadgets. Again – only if they are built rightly. But the key reason is that some people just truly enjoy the building process.

Are mech mods risky?

Yes, Mech mods can be very risky if not build with extreme attention and care. You need to make sure you completely know the mechanics before building, and watch out for things like overheating batteries, arc marks, or discharged batteries.

End words

In general, mech mods do have their place in the market. Not as general as they used to be, but still value having a couple in your collection.

When used by a professional vaper who knows the dangers and knows the safety rules among its usage, they are as secure as any other vaping gadget.

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