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Pax era Pods

The PAX ERA pods is a slim and unique handheld vaporizer that is mainly meant to be used with pods of cannabis extracts. However, the amazing aspect of the PAX ERA cannabis pods is the quality of oils that are being put in. Nevertheless, this Vaporizer might not have any buttons. Rather, it can do far more than what you would think a cannabis vaporizer could be.

Juul, the highly popular E-cigarette vaporizer, is made by PAX. This is why the PAX ERA looks almost the same as the Juul. They both come with the same technology however the pods are slightly different.

Not only are the pax pods discrete and easy to use. Also, Pax went even further to make an app that connects to the battery via Bluetooth. Hence, you can adjust your heat settings to the exact temperature you prefer.

Pax era cartridges

The Pax ERA Cartridge from PAX is a 21st-century take on the timeless habit of smoking cannabis. The PAX ERA will deliver consistent, delicious hits that are nice and smooth. Hence, when u purchase a PAX ERA pods cartridges, you’ll receive a charging cable, the PAX ERA battery, some PAX literature, and a sticker.

With the pod system is less likely to experience leak or fail compare to your regular 510 thread cartridge. Furthermore, the pax era pods solve one of the most annoying things about being a cannabis user, labeling. Each pod is label with its strain, no more guessing whether that late night puff was a Sativa or an Indica.

The PAX ERA  pods comes with an accompanying application that you can download for both Android and iOS. Pairing is as natural as it can get. Shake your PAX ERA battery until it turns blue with the APP open, and you’re paired up. From within the APP you have control over your temperature and a new feature to control your vape sessions.

Pax pods online

The cooperation between Bloom Farms and Pax, is as a result of the radical new approach to concentrates. Therefore, exclusively compatible with PAX Era  pods device, pax era pods online  delivers the most flavorful and consistently satisfying taste yet. Buy Pods online

Our pax  pods shop online has amassed an outstanding assembly of pax era pods for sale. Here, CBD and THC pax  pods are both available at a very affordable price. Pax vaporizer for sale in this Pax era pod store passes through enormous screening, test and accredited labs just like any other vape. These tests do vary, but the main aim is always clear which intends screening the pax era pen for heavy metals, microbial contaminants and pesticides. Therefore, you are quite assure when buying a pax era cartridge unlike other products.

Pods cost

Pax  Pods cost is design to avoid frustrating leaks and sticky messes. Nevertheless, Pax Era battery is affordable at $19.99. which helps make up for the fact that their cartridges fall at the higher end of the price line. Hence, We loved the sheer variety of the available Pods, with over 250 strains and 50 extract partners producing the concentrates. SO, whatever you crave in a vape product, it’s Pax Era has one for you.

PAX Era Pod – High CBD (1/2 Gram). $45.00 Regular Price.

Our shop makes life easier in every sense of it. We make the words where to buy pax era pods or pax era pod near me disappear due to our amazing services.

We have the very best shipping services which eliminate the thought of a large amount of time before you receive the product.

Moreover, all the most popular pax era products you can think about we have them in our dispensary just waiting for you to place an order. We therefore hope you rely on hope you rely on your impulse and buy pax era pods from our store at large discounts.



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