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pax era pods


The ‘next generation’ of vape pens and vape devices is the Pax Era Pods. Several characteristics set these pods apart from other vape pens. First of all, the pen has LED lights that display things such as temperature, battery life, and whether it is on or off. The pod itself holds unique details that reveal what strain they are, including what basic batch tests are at and what the best settings are to vape via the smartphone Pax App.

The pen is also one of the most discreet vaping products you can purchase. The consumer looks like a generic E-Cig is used by them. If you’re looking for Pax Era Pods, THC oil-based cartridges, or vape pens for disposable usage.

What you need to know about Pax

Era offers the most flavorful and reliably satisfying taste yet, exclusively compatible with the PAX Era unit.

Era Pods contain a unique blend of cannabis oil from Bloom Farms, extracted with clean CO2, an engineering marvel from innovation pioneers in the industry. With the cutting-edge technology of the PAX Era, which includes a temperature and battery status LED interface, a sleek design, and the PAX Vapor app offer a  superior vaping experience with an amazing taste of quality. You never have to worry about the longevity of an Era Pod, made from the finest quality materials, and thanks to the smart click technology of the Era Pods, with the pax era pod you can enjoy faultless vaping. Welcome to this new era.

For a pretty comfortable on-the-go experience, the Pax Era is a portable concentrate vaporizer using fresh PAX Era Pods.

The price tag for the pods covers the device and a USB-C charger in a variety of colors, the color range includes black, red, jade, or grey. The Era Pro costs $69.99,  Depending on your legal situation and brand of concentrate, compatible pods are usually available for the price between $40-$60.

But what are the important variations between the Era and the Pro era? The Era offers security certificates for customers, on-demand drawing, and Pax Pod-ID, where the PAX Android app can review the safety reports and strains. The Era Pro incorporates all of these steps, but buckles on expert temperature settings, the memory of the Era pod (where the chosen pod “remembers” the temperature you want to vape), haptic vibration warnings, and the UL certification as previously mentioned.

What is Pax Pod?

As with your normal focus vaporizer, Pax Pods are cartridges, but for an incredibly easy vaping session, they are exclusive to the Pax brand and use SimpleClickTM technology. Every pod has a built-in ID that operates alongside the PAX Mobile App (available on Google Play for Android) and is intended to show the complete makeup of the strain you want to imbibe.

While JUUL Pods are comparable to Pax Pods, they aren’t really compatible. When used regularly at medium temperatures, each PAX Era Pod will last about two weeks. Higher usage and higher temperatures will let you enjoy a complete PAX Era pod for a few days as high temperatures appear to burn through cannabis material quickly.

The PAX Era Pro battery can be used at low to medium temperatures on a daily basis and, after 15 days, is still long-lasting. It will be up to you how long your PAX Era pods last, but one thing that can be said about the battery is that it can last without recharge for several days.

How do you use Pro’s Pax Era pods?

How exactly do you use this new product now that you know what the PAX Era Pro offers and what an Era Pod will deliver?

Charging the PAX pro era pods

A USB-C cable for charging usually comes with the pax era, and brand new, Pros require about 45-60 minutes of charge time for the battery to be full.  

Simply transfer the Pax Era back and forth to verify the fee. The white color will light up the petals on the front of the device.

Attach the USB-C cord to the charging dock to charge the PAX Era and plug it into the USB port of your pc or charging unit.

    The four petals display the battery level on the front of the unit. Each petal represents a charge of 25 percent. The unit is fully charge and ready for use until all four petals stop pulsating and turn light blue.

The upper-left petal will blink red when the battery is tiny.

Switching temperatures

When your system is juice up, it’s time to play with temperatures. Based on your individual preferences, Era Pro provides four different temperature settings. Higher temperatures will offer more edge to your height, while lower temperatures will concentrate on your chosen Period Pod’s flavor.

With ‘SimpleClick’ technology, it has never been easier to adjust temperatures on a Concentrate device:

But with the ‘Pop and Click’ process, you can easily change the temperature.

Pop the pod up, you don’t necessarily need to remove the pod completely from the device.

To change to the next temperature, drop the pod back down without having to fully force it in.

    To show the temperature at which the device is set, the device will vibrate and each of the petals will glow yellow.

When you arrive at your desired temperature, pop the pod back up. Until you change the settings to another temperature, your pod will recall the previously set temperature, so there is no point setting temperature each time.

The various preset temperatures are as below:

Low: (520 ° F) one Petal

Medium: (610 ° F) Two Petals,

Medium / High: (700 ° F) Three Petals

High:(790 ° F) Four Petals

How to Clean the Pax era  

The only part that deserves critical attention is the handle, where you can wipe it down with a sanitized wipe or some preferred cleaning solution. It’s easy to clean your Era Pro. The mouthpiece is the Pax Pod only and can be thoroughly wipe, but once you’re ready for a new pod, it will finally be discard. No ovens to contend with or small nooks or crannies.

What Value does it offer?

One of the simplest and most discreet cannabis concentrate vaporizers I’ve ever use is the Pax Era Pro. The quick “click and go” pods would appeal to any customer who does not want to waste time learning a whole guidebook for one puff.

When it comes to creating tech-forward vaping products, the individuals at PAX know what they’re doing, and the Pro is no exception. I liked the clear set-up, easy temperature regulation, and clean hits.

It’s difficult to come up with any major disadvantage, as the  Pax Era is the classic Era’s upgrade sibling, and much easier to use by design. It’s easy to take everywhere without having to worry about the battery as it can last up to several days.   

The pax era pod will prove a good buy for anyone in search of a quality, fast and smooth vaporizer, simply get one of the Pax era pods and get the best vaping experience you can ever think of.

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