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What is a Backwoods Cigars?

Backwoods Cigars is a high-quality machine-made cigarillo produced with Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobacco signature labels covered by a homogenized binder and a pure Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. These Cheroot-style stogies rolled in a simple style with a blunt base and rough head, recall memories of early Americana and the Wild West when this unpolished cigar design was highly popular. Backwoods Cigars also comprise Sweet Aromatic, Honey Berry, Honey Whiskey, Dark Stout, Black, and Sweet Aromatic, along with the classic creamy smooth all-tobacco mix. Smokers who are searching for an affordable brand with such an established track record of quality and consistent pleasant taste will get blown away by these enticingly aromatic variants. Backwoods Cigars are available in inexpensive boxes of 24 and 8 packs, with each resealable pack containing five cigars, and are sure to become your top option while working, during your lunch breaks, or whenever you desire a savory great flavor in a pinch.

Backwoods cigars have been boosted by a sweet taste and tempting scent to become the best-selling machine-made brand of cigar on the market. Backwoods cigars of different flavors, such as Black & Sweet, Honey, Honey Whiskey, Honey Berry, and Sweet Herbal, are quite popular for several flavored blends. Also available is a non-flavored Backwoods called Original. Backwoods cigars are commonly linked with old-school spaghetti westerns because of their tapering and simple style, unfinished foot, and De Nobili Toscani cigarillos Clint Eastwood smoked on the big screen, despite the fact that they did not reach the market until 1981. In a sealed foil box, Backwoods cigars are packed and at a glance, they very much look like beef jerky. Backwoods flavors could be just the fix if you’re craving affordable cigarillos with a natural sweetness. Toss in the glovebox a few packs of Backwoods to tide over any newbies who might be looking to invade your luxury cigar collection. Let them first get the feel of smoking cigars with the cheap Backwoods cigars

If you are asking what the blunt Backwoods is? The simple answer is, the famous Backwood blunt is hemp wrapped in a hundred percent pure tobacco leaf. Backwoods are available in a range of flavors, from Honey Bourbon to Sweet Herbal, like most cigars. These cigars, made in 1973, have been around for decades but continue to retain popularity in the smoking culture.

So why are so many people, as opposed to other brands, using Backwoods for blunts? Apart from the fact that they are a highly sought after brand for rap icons like Mac Dre, who swears that “without a Backwood, it’s not all that good,” it is not important to split open a Backwoods when it comes to smoking weed. Backwoods are made to unroll by hand, unlike other cigars, allowing the guts to fall out freely in a go.

Backwoods are still relatively easy to roll, while the leaf is more liable to breakage and difficult to get to stick than the likes of Swisher Sweet. You will have yourself a blunt with little to no effort, which is good and tight. These cigars are capable of carrying much more hemp than the usual blunt wrap. Using a single cigar wrap, some smokers have actually successfully rolled much more than an eighth of the weed.

It is no more a secret that a unique smoking experience is offered by blunt backwood smokers can testify to that. You get twice the results and tastes that you would normally get from smoking by mixing your favorite weed with tobacco. Although blunts don’t actually get you higher while smoking them, people claim they feel incredibly buzzy. Backwoods remains one of the most popular cigars on the market, despite the large range of brands available, ranging from Game to Swisher Sweets. Even your favorite rappers never go a day without smoking them, Take the Game and Fetty Wap as an example,  these blunt are usually burned by a lot of regular cannabis smokers, it is difficult to find someone who has never tried them, there is no need to wonder why so many people use Backwoods for blunts? It is because of the amazing smoking experience it offers.

backwoods cigars

Backwoods blunts and the Buzz varieties it offers

Even though these cigar brands have a higher concentration of nicotine than many other varieties, blunt lovers see this as a benefit. A particular kind of buzz is produced by a mixture of herbs and nicotine. Experienced smokers who have a nicotine tolerance often realize that after smoking Backwoods they get a burst of energy and a considerable increase level of highness. However, beginners with weak lungs could end up with a severe dizzy case.

Another explanation of why so many individuals use Backwoods for blunts is the longer burning time. However, there’s never a wrong occasion for a Backwoods blunt as it simply works its wonder regardless of the occasion, whether you are smoking alone to cool off after a long day or enjoying one with friends just to unwind. Compared to other brands, backwoods cost around the cost of a bag of cigars, the good thing is, this brand of the blunt is worth the extra cash, for those looking for value and great flavor the cost is never a problem.

It can continue to bring out new varieties of blunt wraps, but it’s safe to say that it is Backwoods that have stood the test of time.

Backwoods Cigars have been the favorite of men who love the outdoors and everything that goes with it for many years, perceived to be a strong man” cigar. Backwoods cigars have a uniquely special look, unlike many of today’s cigars given that they are produced with all-natural tobacco that has no commodified components. These cigars have a simple natural look that gives them an intentionally coarse-looking appearance, reminiscent of the Old West and cowboys sitting around a campfire smoking. Contoured bodies, frayed ends, and unfinished heads everything adds up to produce a smoking experience that conjures up a wild and mild moment, that as much you can get while smoking backwood cigars. 

The fact that they are cured after production under very strict temperature and humidity levels for up to one year is a special feature of these backwood cigars, allowing them to produce the maximum flavors and aromas they are known for. A number of casings are then added to them after the curing process is complete, offering the distinctive flavors of honey, honeyberry, black tobacco, and others preferred by so many who regard them as the best of its kind.

Backwoods Cigars have since attained a crossover appeal for many cigar smokers, marketed at first to appeal to the consumer who enjoyed the great outdoors. They however have gained popularity with the average man who simply loves to light up a good cigar after a hard day at work, as well as the rugged cowboy who loves to hunt, fish, hike, and ride his horse across the countryside.

By selecting Backwoods Cigars, whether you buy a foil pouch of five cigars or a pack of 40, you simply can’t go wrong. These cigars are created to offer great satisfaction, this cigar is loaded with countless numbers of benefits, simply think of a typical taste and aroma or a delicious smoke you wish to get from smoking, that’s exactly what backwood deliver, Backwoods Cigars offer the flavor, fragrance and burn every blunt smoker crave, with a generally unique taste that offers both cowboy and accountant the same pleasurable feeling.

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